My 8 children have been taking piano lessons for about 7 years. Teacher Cathy is a nice person and knows how to encourage children even when one has more talent than the other one. For the Recital, she helped the children to sing in a group like professionals with flute and trumpet. That was very impressive for all the listeners. God blessed her with a very good talent. She also sang and played for my oldest daughter at her wedding. Thank God we met teacher Cathy. She is a blessing to us.  Parent, Elizabeth Florean.

May 2, 2005
To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Cathy Esplin who has been our music teacher here at Crossroads Christian School.

In Cathy, you will find a very talented musician who is capable of creating a quality music curriculum. She has worked effectively with a broad range of age groups from pre-kinder through eighth grade. She has taught a broad range of musical skills to her students and has included drama and choreography as needed.

Cathy has been a very reliable employee who needs little or no monitoring or supervision. She is fully capable of taking on the task of music education and making sure that the program is run effectively. The value of her work is beneficial to both the students and the school as a whole.

Each year Cathy organizes and implements a unique Christmas program including original material drama and choreography. I must admit that I usually do not look forward to school music programs because as a musician myself I find that the quality is usually such that it turns out to be a very long evening. This is not the case with a program created by Cathy. In fact, at the end of the program, I demanded an encore because it was so good.

Cathy also serves in any other capacity that she can. She assists with our worship singing during chapel and teaches private piano lessons after school. Cathy has made a lot of important contributions to Crossroads Christian School and I am confident that she would be an asset to your organization. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Greg Litsey

My daughter started taking lessons from Catharina Esplin 5 years ago. She is now 10 and Catharina is more like a part of the family. Catharina has vast experience playing the piano as well as teaching piano lessons. She is very patient and kind, expects her students to play to the best of their abilities and become confident piano players. I highly recommend Catharina's Clackamas piano lessons. Parent, Stacey Jewell.

Cathy - We so much appreciate your kindness & love you show the girls. We have truly seen them blossom from the enjoyment they get from playing the piano. What a wonderful teacher you are. Love, Your friends the Bells



Teachers play a vital role in student's life. Teachers don't just deliver curriculum, but rather the best teachers are inspiring leaders that show students how to behave in all areas of life. The most successful teachers are a special breed who play a multitude of different roles in a given day with fluidity and grace while remaining true to themselves. I am glad that I found Cathy as a music teacher for my daughter since she has all these qualities in her, which gives a students confidence and makes a difference in their lives. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful person.  Parent, Irum Zia. 

 Teacher Cathy is one of the best piano teachers ever. She pushes you to your full potential but doesn't overwhelm you. It's great and makes learning the piano so much more enjoyable. Student, Halsey Egger.

My son Nicholas has grown musically under the generous tutoring of Teacher Cathy. She has an engaging whimsy that can capture the most video centered boy! Now his 4-year old sister, Abby is taking lessons as well with Teacher Cathy. She is the best! Parent, Michelle Krumenacker. 

Rusty Nails
James Allen
April 5, 2004
To Whom It May Concern:

For over three years now I have had the privilege of working with and observing the many talents of Cathy Esplin.

She has been with our school Cornerstone Christian Academy leading our students in musical drama singing and individual piano lessons. In addition to this, we are enjoying the compositions she has written for us and others.

As viewers, we have appreciated her many appearances on cable television. She is well qualified to be a major part in radio as well. Her beautiful personality has reached out to many people of all ages.

My personal endorsement of Cathy is without a doubt the best qualified for this position.
God bless, 
James H Allen

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August 15, 2004
To Whom It May Concern:

It is my honor to recommend Cathy Esplin for a position with your school. Mrs. Esplin is one of the most amazing professionals I have ever had a chance to work with. She brings a great deal of enthusiasm and knowledge to her music classroom and demonstrates true professionalism at all times. 

Mrs. Esplin takes the time to develop a true understanding of her student's needs and develops activities for each individual child that will challenge him/her to enjoy and embrace music. Mrs. Esplin is extremely knowledgeable of music theory and Mrs. Esplin`s classroom activities are always relevant and meaningful to each student's growth. Mrs. Esplin worked diligently to write and direct our School Christmas and end of the year programs for the last two years and always participated in our school open houses. Her enthusiasm for the school and her students is contagious.

Mrs. Esplin maintains an orderly and well-disciplined class having established her expectations for behavior from the beginning of the year and following through with consistent and fair consequences and rewards. The parents are loyal and dedicated to Mrs. Esplin because she demonstrates those same characteristics to their children every day. It is without reservation that I would wholeheartedly recommend Cathy Esplin for any job she would seek to attain. Any school would be blessed to have Mrs. Esplin on their faculty. 

Desiree Fisher

If you are looking for a piano teacher who is kind, works wonderfully with children and is a master at her craft teacher Cathy is your gal! Our sons both take piano lessons and each week we are thrilled to see and hear their amazing progress. I would readily recommend Catharina's Clackamas piano lessons in Clackamas,OR to anyone looking to expand their musical talent. Parent, Molly Sheldon.

I am a senior Citizen who took piano lessons up to high school. At Catharina's Clackamas piano lessons I learned to undo old bad habits and began to learn correct techniques. Catharina's knowledge is extensive and she is exceptionally gifted. Catharina offers much encouragement, reassurance, and inspiration. She believes in us when we often doubt ourselves. I love her sense of humor - I find myself laughing a lot. I feel very blessed to know both Catharina and her husband Ken. They are very dear people who have been a very positive influence in my life. Student, Pat Campbell.

My daughter Sophia has taken lessons from teacher Cathy for about 3 years. She has not only taught her to play piano but has made it a lot of fun. Teacher Cathy is not only a great teacher but a caring thoughtful person. Sophia loves to go to lessons.  Parent, Michelle Wolf.

Messages from students & parents at Catharina's Clackamas piano lessons in Clackamas, OR/ piano lessons in Happy Valley , OR

We have two boys, ages 8 and 6. Both of them are overly energetic, easily distracted, and far more interested in playing action games than focusing on their studies. That's why we're so amazed each time one of them sits down at the piano. Not only do they enjoy practicing every day, they're making beautiful music, too. Teacher Cathy has done a remarkable job with our kids. Under her direction, they're learning to love music - playing, singing, performing, and even composing their own songs. They're also learning that hard work and regular practice really pay off. We enthusiastically recommend enthusiastically recommend Catharina's Clackamas piano lessons in Clackamas, OR  to any parent who wants their child to enjoy a life filled with music. Parents, May and Joe Abelson 

My son Daniel, has taken piano lessons at Catharina's Clackamas piano lessons in Or for almost 8 years. I`m so thankful that Daniel had Catharina to start him at piano lessons for beginners. Catharina's talent and love for music is so contagious that my son loves to practice every day without being reminded. Now my little 6-year-old daughter also takes piano lessons with Cathy and is very excited about every lesson. I would recommend Catharina's Clackamas piano lessons in Or to anyone looking for piano lessons. Parent, Thu Ha Le.

Recommendations from schools 


An abundance of patience - a true teacher of music is teacher Cathy as she has taught most of if not all of her career days. When a person loves what they do it shows. I believe this with all of my heart....I have played piano for 45 years and my daughter has for 4 years as a student of Cathy's. Parent, Cheryl Myers.

March 2004
To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Cathy Esplin to you as a music teacher.

Mrs. Esplin has been our part-time music teacher here for the past two years. She teaches music to all our students Pre-school through 8th Grade. She also conducts a Christmas production each year as well as special performances for Grandparent's Day Gateway Area Parade and other occasions. If we could afford to have her full time we would as she is also great in drama and is wonderful around all the children.

We receive outstanding compliments from our parents regarding Mrs. Esplin. She is an excellent role model of Christian character and spirit. She ministers to the children in everything that she does. Her Christmas presentations bring standing ovations. As a staff member, she is very creative enthusiastic dependable and easy to work with.

Mrs. Esplin is also a very talented musician who has had significant exposure in her home country of South Africa. She is a wonderful singer and pianist and can play a variety of musical styles. She and her husband produce beautiful Christian music.

After school, Mrs. Esplin gives private piano lessons and her one-to-one teaching style is very comfortable with students of a wide range of ages.

Cathy would be a notable plus to any program that she would become a part of.

Leslie H Kilbourne Ph. D
Principal /Administrator 

 Catharina, I just wanted you to let you know what a wonderful recital you had. I know they are a lot of work to put together so it's all the more pleasing when they are successful. We all love it when you play beforehand. It makes us think: "Wow! She's the one teaching our children. Aren't we fortunate!" You are an extremely talented, Godly, faithful, woman. May God richly bless you and Ken as you serve Him. -Jim and Allison 


with Catharina at Clackamas piano lessons

Teacher Cathy is a very special lady! She is so patient with my 8-year-old daughter and all of her students. I am so happy with her teaching techniques and her talent as a singer and piano player. My daughter, Britney is doing so well and loves to participate in Cathy's wonderful recitals which has given her confidence in her playing in front of others. I am so thankful for her and I am so glad we found her! Parent, Elisa Eickhoff.   

 I've been taking piano lessons from Catharina for 5 years now. She is a strong bright woman that everybody would enjoy taking lessons from - young and old. She points out your positives and encourages you to try your best. She is very optimistic and smiles and makes you feel welcome when you come through the door. Thank you, Cathy. I love you. Student, Evelyna Aspidov.

I took beginning piano lessons at age 8 and stopped at age 10. What a mistake and a story too often told. How lucky I was to find Catharina when I decided to resume the piano at age 71. She makes you so comfortable and at ease that you immediately feel that there is no limit to what you can accomplish. Her calm and reassuring manner makes you want to play well for her. Had Catharina been my teacher when I was 10, I believe I would have continued learning and playing. I lost so much time but she is helping me get it back with her calm, steady and positive approach. Student, Robert Perlstein'steston for Catharina's Clackamas piano lessons in Clackamas, OR/piano lessons in Happy Valley, OR  

Teacher Cathy is a wonderful, talented, patient, caring, supportive teacher. My daughter, Kimora (8 years old) has been taking piano lessons with her for more than 2 years now. Kimora is doing very well in Music at school because of her lessons. Thank you very much, Teacher Cathy! Parent, Sylvia Blas.

Catharina has the rare quality of understanding each individual student's needs, and how to encourage their progress. Part sage, part guide, and part cheerleader Cathy celebrates every success and illuminates the best paths for overcoming difficulties. Ever patient, and always kind, she soon has you playing the piano and performing for real audiences. Student, Jim Clippard.

Teacher Cathy is an excellent piano teacher! She has a lot of positive energy, is cheerful and is very patient with kids. Shreeya loves going to piano lessons and she has learned so much in one year!  Parent, Rupa Shresta.

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