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Before recitals, piano lessons in Clackamas students will:

- rehearse their piano performance songs
- learn how to address an audience professionally 
- learn microphone techniques if they choose to sing. 

I advise my parents to keep piano practices short and consistent. A fun practice schedule with reward stamps may be used and after a while, practices will automatically become longer.

At the end of this course, students are able to play piano, read music, perform in public on the piano, and some can sing and play the piano at the same time.

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​AGES 7 - 15

Upon completion of their courses, students at Catharina's Clackamas piano lessons in Clackamas, OR/piano lessons in Happy Valley, OR continue on to mastering an authentic repertoire of Classical piano music, explore songwriting, improvising or keyboard lessons. Passion for learning music and creativity causes some students to start with improvising, songwriting and keyboard lessons before the end of their courses!

Adults and high school students enjoy Alfred's course for adult piano lessons, one of the most popular and successful courses in piano lessons for adults because it's chord based and designed for busy adults wanting to learn to play piano quickly. It starts with piano lessons for beginners to advanced levels and includes technique, theory, classical piano lessons and a repertoire of all styles including how to play rock piano, how to play gospel piano, how to play Jazz piano and more. In addition to this course, I offer a variety of material for Clackamas piano lessons students to explore, and they can learn how to play piano by ear, learn to play chord piano, or they simply bring music their own piano music. Our piano lessons are very relaxed and students set the learning pace they're comfortable with. I absolutely love piano lessons for adults because we enjoy ourselves and have quite a few good laughs during the lesson. And why not? Learn how to play the piano - it is fun at my piano studio in Clackamas Or/piano lessons in Happy Valley, OR.

Even though I teach beginner piano lessons through late intermediate for all ages including adult piano lessons, I specialize in piano lessons for kids and absolutely love it!  It has been proven that students who begin piano lessons at an early age develop faster than those who begin later in life. From all the courses that I taught from pre-schools to high schools, I have selected the two most successful and popular courses for  Catharina's Clackamas piano lessons in Clackamas, OR/piano lessons in Happy Valley, OR.

1. Music for Little Mozart's is a comprehensive course providing piano lessons for kids and develops singing and Rhythm Band skills as well. I've specifically chosen this course because of my experience in teaching music to 3-6-year-olds during my time at Cornerstone Christian Academy. I found the little ones interact really well with the puppets I used while teaching musical concepts. This piano course centers around the adventures of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse as they learn music, read music and learn how to play the piano. Kids identify with them and learn faster by having fun!

2. My First Piano Adventure: This course for pre-reading students, introduces elementary music theory and technique and easy piano lessons with engaging songs and games. They learn how to play the piano with outstanding recorded orchestration and vocals and learn music when they listen, sing, clap and move to their piano music and finally play with the CD. Because every child is different I carefully select the course that would fit him or her perfectly. My policy is that kids who are having fun learn to play the piano faster and better!

 piano lessons in Happy Valley, OR/piano lessons in Clackamas, Or - Catharina's Clackamas piano lessons 

 KEYBOARD lessons

At Catharina's Clackamas piano lessons in Clackamas, OR/piano lessons in Happy Valley, OR, I teach the entire piano syllabus as presented in most piano methods but prefer using the Faber Method for beginner piano lessons - late intermediate, piano lessons for children and piano lessons for older beginners. Features that contribute to the tremendous educational success of this method are a step by step approach with constant review, a wide range of styles in the teaching material and a sense of adventure brought about through creative activities. There are 5 levels and 4 books for each level: Lesson,  Theory, Performance, Technique. In addition to this we drill:
- Scales, chords, arpeggios, inversions, and Hannon piano exercises
- Supplementary books include: 

Classical piano/Pop piano/Jazz piano/Gospel piano/Broadway piano. 

All lessons are private (one-to-one) unless parents request that siblings share lessons.

Learn to play chord piano and play piano by ear at Catharina's Clackamas piano lessons in Clackamas, OR/piano lessons in Happy Valley, OR - piano lessons for children and teens, piano lessons for adults, beginner piano lessons to late intermediate.

I am really enthusiastic about teaching improvising because as songwriters and professional musicians my husband and I have been improvising (playing music by ear) for many years and arranged our own songs as well.
At my local piano lessons in Happy Valley, OR I use popular music to teach chord progressions and rhythm patterns and students gradually develop their own style of accompaniment as they explore the variety of styles presented to them.
Some of the adult piano lessons students choose to play piano and sing. Others prefer playing the melody and accompaniment. Whichever way they feel comfortable with they eventually end up performing at their local church or school, or start their own garage band! 
Playing piano by ear invariably leads to songwriting.


Exciting fun!

The variety of activities at Catharina's piano lessons in Happy Valley, OR/Clackamas, OR keeps the little ones attentive and excited and before they realize it the lesson is over and they have learned to read notes, time signatures, dynamics, intervals, rests and much more and play yet another new song on the piano! Beginner piano lessons for kids is fun!

Catharina's Clackamas piano lessons in Clackamas, OR/piano lessons in Happy Valley, OR 


"Our 3 children have been taking piano lessons from teacher Cathy for over 5 years. Cathy is always very supportive encouraging and patient with all of her students. Her lesson rewards and practice incentives are great motivators. Every improvement large or small is met with praise. Quite often Teacher Cathy states that she loves what she does and that she has the best job in the world. She genuinely loves what she does and it shows! Teacher Cathy is a very special teacher and a wonderful person."  parent Cheryl Johnson

Alfreds beginner piano lessons for adults to advanced levels is an excellent course in preparing students for playing keyboard and playing chord piano by ear. As a professional musician, I arranged a  variety of songs and performed on piano and keyboards at numerous venues.  At Catharina's Clackamas piano lessons in Clackamas, OR/piano lessons in Happy Valley, OR, students learn how to play piano by ear piano and play chord piano by listening to and choosing drum, bass & rhythm accompaniments for all styles of music: disco, pop, rock, latin, waltz, gospel, heavy metal, techno, hip-hop, funk, fusion, big band, swing, reggae, country etc. They learn step by step how to play the right-hand melody in time with the left-hand accompaniment and over a period of time, they will apply this skill to enhance their creativity in improvising on the piano and writing songs. 

At Catharina's Clackamas piano lessons in Clackamas, OR/piano lessons in Happy Valley, OR we explore songwriting during piano lessons for adults and even some piano lessons for kids. Piano students learn chord progressions - chords that work well together.Together we create a simple melody (lyrics are optional) and work on the rhythm and form and before you know it we have a piano song! We record this and name it and dear students perform it at our Clackamas piano lessons recitals. If they're not sure how it will work out they may first try to play it for their cat and see if the cat gives it a "claws-up" ( or is that thumbs up?)  All in a day's educational fun!

Exciting Fun!

Play piano & Read music
Sing & play with CD

Puppets, Stuffies & Gerry Giraffe
Rhythm Band
Color & Theory
Public Address training
Sing with Microphone 

in Clackamas, OR/  
piano lessons in Happy Valley, OR
private piano lessons in the studio or  
piano lessons online for beginners to late intermediate
piano lessons for kids, teens & adult piano lessons​.