Teacher Cathy is skillful at teaching and encouraging both of our children in developing their piano skills, concentration, and achievement, and makes them feel accomplished, valued and encouraged. She not only teaches classical beginner piano lessons to advanced levels, but she gives her students the opportunity to develop other musical skills such as how to play piano by ear, play duets, trios, quartets, keyboard, sing and play accompaniment with other instruments, often with other family members at her Happy Valley Piano Recitals.  Parent, Nhan Wong -testimonial for piano lessons in Happy Valley, OR - Catharina's Clackamas Piano Lessons/piano lessons in Clackamas, OR - Catharina's Clackamas Piano Lessons

Looking for piano lessons in Happy Valley, Or? I'm on Sunnyside rd. right on the border of Happy Valley & I205. At  Catharina's Clackamas piano lessons in Clackamas, OR - private piano lessons you will learn to play the piano proficiently in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere! I teach beginner piano lessons for kids, piano lessons for children as young as 3.5 years, intermediate piano lessons for teens & older piano students, adult piano lessons, how to read music & classical piano lessons or how to play piano by ear piano &  learn to play chord piano, how to play keyboard, how to play piano & sing and much more...

Recitals are the highlights at Catharina's Clackamas Piano lessons in Clackamas, OR/piano lessons in Happy Valley, OR as performances range from little 4 year-olds to our brave adults and I just love to see a happy smile break out on their faces after a well-deserved applause! Whether it's piano lessons for kids or adult piano lessons I take great care to bring every individual student to their full potential.

What a joy it is to see students develop from being unsure of themselves to become confident pianists and yet remain humble at the same time. It gives me great joy to guide my students at Clackamas piano lessons from beginner piano lessons to advanced levels and not only see them learn to play the piano skillfully but also blossom as persons of strong character. I take great care in letting them know how precious they are and perhaps instilling in them a sense of humility that will not be lost by the amount of praise they receive for their talent! 

 At Catharina's Clackamas piano lessons in Clackamas, Or students learn how to introduce themselves and how to act professionally on stage. That Recitals build confidence in my students is proved by the feedback I get from them and their parents. A 4th-grade student happily told me her teachers were impressed by the way she introduced herself at their talent show. Another little one performed on the spot at Disneyland. A 5th-grade student was the show stopper at her school talent show.  Some students play piano/keyboard in their church worship team and two brothers formed their own band and toured Romania. Whether they play piano by ear piano or take classical piano lessons my students love to play piano and perform for others!

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"My two girls Melissa and Cassidy have taken piano lessons from other teachers and made little progress. We have now been with Cathy for 4 years, and what a difference! Cathy relates differently to each student and praises them so much for their strong points. This, in turn, builds their confidence and they want to practice to get better, to make Teacher Cathy proud of them. Cathy is a very talented and gifted musician as well. She plays the piano impeccably and she sings with such a beautiful and peaceful quality. In fact, my daughter Cassidy, after hearing Cathy sing at a recital wanted to learn how to sing as well and Cathy has tutored her and now Cassidy sings and plays piano at recitals. Our family has truly blossomed with the gift of music since coming to know Cathy and her truly talented husband Ken." parent Ronda Bell